• Single glass mobile wall
  • Completely transparent
  • Up to 4 meters and higher
  • Profiles and track available in any color
  • Available in a standard and framed version


This mobile glass wall is the ideal solution to create multiple spaces while still retaining the open character of a room. Characteristics are: Spaciousness, optimal light and privacy.

With the President you can create separate (work) spaces without losing the spaciousness and the incidence of light in the room. To enhance the transparency of the President, we have developed the construction in such a way that no vertical aluminum profiles are required. This wall also takes up remarkably little space in a parked position. The President’s ease of use is very good. The standard elements are automatically locked together using an advanced siphon technique. Rotary knobs and levers are a thing of the past.

The President walls can be constructed from different types of elements. Here too, round or segmented walls and rails are available! he elements can be finished in many ways. For extra privacy, you can, for example, have the glass etched on certain parts, sandblasted or covered with foil. However, it is also possible to apply texts, logos or complete designs.

Nothing is impossible, we turn all your creative ideas into practical solutions!

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