Since 1968, with over 50 years of knowledge and experience, Parthos has developed into the most versatile producer of mobile wall & door systems, interior projects and metal constructions worldwide.

“Space in motion” and “freedom in design” are the two pillars on which our product range is based. Parthos is therefore synonymous with sustainability, traditional craftsmanship and customization down to the smallest details.
The entire process – from concept to production, logistics and assembly – is in the hands of Parthos. This means that we can work quickly, flexibly and cost-efficiently. In addition to our factory in Panningen (NL), we also have factories in China and Thailand and sales offices around the world.


“Sustainability and innovative capability inspire us to continuously improve and refine our products.”
More than 50 years of knowledge and experience form the base of the maximum results that we are able to achieve time and time again.
Our projects represent the best of the market in every area, in every segment. We do not compromise on quality.


Parthos knows what is going on in the market and closely follows all developments in construction and related sectors. After all, the market is constantly on the move. This process of development and the resulting new needs form the base of our innovations. The resulting solutions are carefully tested for quality and applicability.

Parthos continues to develop.


Parthos contributes to the environment and to improving the quality of life because our mobile space solutions are designed for green with a product life cycle of more than 25 years, after which it is fully reusable!

We strive to use as many local materials as possible based on 100% recyclability and non-toxicity. We strive to use as many local materials as possible based on 100% recyclability and non-toxicity. Parthos has developed a fully integrated economical and energy-saving production process and uses strategies for efficient material use, such as dimensional planning, to reduce the amount of building materials required and reduce construction costs. Waste separation and categorization are integrated in our daily activities. Parthos even generates its own energy by extracting fuel from waste!

We see it as our ecological responsibility to participate in this ongoing process of sustainability. As a member of the Dutch Green Building Council, we actively contribute to the global goals.