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wall coverings

Room acoustics is important. In cinemas and large concert halls, but also in schools, restaurants. It affects the sound quality, be it speech, music or any other type of sound. Good room acoustics make it easier to concentrate and have a significant impact on your general well-being.

As Parthos, we have various options for improving the acoustic quality in the room. From PETfelt to moss. The possibilities are endless.

Parthos acoustic PETfelt
Acoustic PETfelt sheets are made from recycled plastic bottles and demonstrate excellent acoustic performance. It is a perfect material to apply to (movable) walls or ceilings to improve the acoustics in the room.

Acoustic cassettes (grooved or perforated)
With acoustic cassettes, the sound absorption is improved and the reverberation time is shortened Parthos acoustic cassettes are tailor-made according to the customer’s wishes and can be easily integrated into the design of the room thanks to the various finishing options. Available with grooved or perforated panels in combination with laminated veneer or upholstered finish.

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