• Acoustic double folding wall
  • Maximum 46 dB
  • Up to 3.70 meters high
  • Available with fixed stop wicket door with a maximum height of 3.05 meters
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple closures and combinations thereof possible
  • Flat or accordion wall


Apart from optimum ease of use, the Phonic folding wall is the ultimate folding wall in the field of sound insulation. 

This wall has a sound insulation of no less than 46 dB Rw! By using wear-resistant acoustic rubbers, the Phonic also does not need a bottom rail. The Phonic can be finished in many ways. You can determine the structure of the wall for all our folding walls. For example, you can indicate to how many sides the wall closes and where you want the passage opening. Moreover, the Phonic is the ideal solution for an extra long wall. 

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